Baldwin Peninsula

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Map showing Kotzebue Sound with the town of Kotzebue at the tip of Baldwin Peninsula
Location of Baldwin Peninsula in Alaska

The Baldwin Peninsula is a peninsula located on the Arctic Circle in the northwestern region of the U.S. state of Alaska, at 66°33′06″N 161°55′44″W / 66.55167°N 161.92889°W / 66.55167; -161.92889. It extends 72 km (45 mi) into Kotzebue Sound from the Alaska mainland and defines the south boundary of Hotham Inlet. It is 2–19 km (1–12 miles) wide.

The city of Kotzebue and Ralph Wien Memorial Airport are located at the end of the peninsula. The remainder of Baldwin Peninsula is covered with permafrost and hundreds of tundra lakes.

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