Baldwin de Redvers, 6th Earl of Devon

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Arms of the de Redvers, adopted at the start of the age of heraldry (c. 1200-1215), probably by William de Redvers, 5th Earl of Devon (died 1217): Or, a lion rampant azure
Seal of Baldwin de Redvers. Arms: a lion rampant. Legend: "S(IGILLUM) BALDWINI DE RIDVERIIS CO(MITIS) DEVON(IAE) ET D(OMI)N(U)S INSUL(A)E" (seal of Baldwin de Redvers, Count of Devon and of The Isle)

Baldwin de Redvers, 6th Earl of Devon[1] (1217 – 15 February 1245), feudal baron of Plympton in Devon[2] and Lord of the Isle of Wight, was the son of Baldwin de Redvers and Margaret FitzGerold and grandson of William de Redvers, 5th Earl of Devon.

Family and children[edit]

In 1235 he married Amice de Clare (1220–1284), daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford and had the following children:

  1. Baldwin de Redvers, 7th Earl of Devon.
  2. Isabella de Redvers, Countess of Devon (or Isabella de Fortibus) (died 1293), married William de Forz, 4th Earl of Albemarle. After the death of her brother, she became Countess of Devon in her own right, and Lady of the Isle of Wight.


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