Balfour Castle

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Balfour Castle
Elwick. Looking south west across the square to Balfour Castle in the distance.

Balfour Castle is a historic building on the southwest of Shapinsay, Orkney Islands.[1] Though built around an older structure that dates at least from the 18th century, the present castle was built in 1847, commissioned by Colonel David Balfour, and designed by Edinburgh architect David Bryce.


The small island of Shapinsay has been inhabited since prehistoric times, the most notable evidence being the extant Broch of Burroughston, located not far from Balfour Castle to the northeast;[2] moreover, the Mor Stein standing stone dating to the stone age is found also to the east of Balfour Castle, evidencing even earlier presence of man in the vicinity.

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Coordinates: 59°01′54″N 2°55′00″W / 59.0318°N 2.9166°W / 59.0318; -2.9166