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Balfours is a South Australian bakery, which produces pies, pasties and cakes for sale in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales.


Balfours began when James Calder and Margaret née Balfour opened a bakery at 130 Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia in 1853. As Calder's bakery became very successful, he opened the "City Steam Biscuit Factory" in Twin Street, Adelaide in 1872. Balfours became a household name and, in 1867, when Prince Alfred, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited South Australia, James Calder was made the official biscuit baker for the Royal visit. Margaret Balfour died on 1 November 1887 and James Calder died two years later on 1 October 1889, aged 71.[1] [2]

Balfours has been owned by San Remo Macaroni Company since 2008[3]

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