Balgariya tarsi talant

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Balgariya tarsi talant
България търси талант
Balgariya tarsi talant logo.jpg
Genre Reality, Talent Show, Entertainment
Created by Simon Cowell
Presented by Maria Silvester
Judges Mihaela Fileva
Luben Dilov - son
Asen Blatechki
Ico Hazarta
Country of origin  Bulgaria
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 117
Producer(s) bTV
Running time 45 min.
Original network bTV
Original release 1 March 2010 – present

Balgariya tarsi talant (English: Bulgaria Searches for a Talent) is the Bulgarian version of the Got Talent series. It launched on bTV on 1 March 2010. Singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other performers compete against each other for audience support. The winner of the show will receive 60,000 leva (about 30,000).

The first season of the show was produced by Global Films.[1] It competed with Nova Television's Big Brother Family.


Auditions were held in the 5 biggest cities in Bulgaria - Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia, Rousse and Bourgas.

First Season Winner[edit]

The winner of the first season was visually impaired singer Bogdana Petrova.[2]

Second Season Winner[edit]

The winner of the second season was young singer Kristina Arabadjieva.

Third Season Winner[edit]

The winner of the third season was Bulgarian Pavarotti Thomas Tomov.

Fourth Season Winner[edit]

The winner of the fourth season was breaker cripple Plamen Lubenov.

Fifth Season Winner[edit]

The winner of the fifth season was music brass band Vivo Montana.


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