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Balgudar is a best village in Lakhisarai District of Bihar, India. The total population of the village is 6,597 . The literacy rate is 51.58% . The female literacy rate is 40.28% . The male literacy rate is 62.14%. The number of households in Balgudar is 964. Female to male ratio of Balgudar is 94.72%. The literacy rate of the village is 51.58% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%. The literacy rate of the village is better than state literacy rate. The rate of literacy is satisfactory.The female literacy rate is 40.28% compared to male literacy rate of 62.14%.

The total working population is 41.11% of the total population. 61.23% of the men are working population . 19.57% of the women are working population. The main working population is 30.4% of the total population. 53% of the men are main working population . 6.21% of the women are main working population. While the marginal working population is 10.71% of the total population. 8.23% of the men are marginal working population. 13.36% of the women are marginal working population. The total non working population is 58.89% of the total population. 38.77% of the men are non working population. 80.43% of the women are non working population.

Places of interest[edit]

  • Ashokdham temple : Home of the famous Lord Shiva Temple.
  • Harohar River bank
  • Sansar Pokhar

Coordinates: 25°12′N 86°05′E / 25.200°N 86.083°E / 25.200; 86.083