Bali–Java Powerline

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Bali–Java Powerline
Country Indonesia
Province Bali
East Java
Coordinates 8°5′58.55″S 114°26′12.52″E / 8.0995972°S 114.4368111°E / -8.0995972; 114.4368111Coordinates: 8°5′58.55″S 114°26′12.52″E / 8.0995972°S 114.4368111°E / -8.0995972; 114.4368111 (Bali tower)
Ownership information
Owner PT PLN
Technical information
Type Overhead line
Power rating 1,600 MW
AC voltage 500 kV

The Bali–Java Powerline is a planned electric power transmission line in Indonesia. It will be used for the crossing of the Bali Strait between Java and Bali. If built, the towers will be the world's tallest electricity pylons with a height of 376 metres (1,234 ft).[1]

The line on the Java side will begin in at the Paiton power plant, then through Watu Dodol in Banyuwangi Regency, and on to Bali.[2] On the Bali side, it would be in parts of western Buleleng, Jembrana, Tabanan and Badung regencies.[3]

The two towers that will carry the line over the Bali Strait (Selatbali) have planned positions as follows: 8°5′21.73″S 114°24′53.12″E / 8.0893694°S 114.4147556°E / -8.0893694; 114.4147556 for the 363-metre tower (1,191 ft) on Java and 8°5′58.55″S 114°26′12.52″E / 8.0995972°S 114.4368111°E / -8.0995972; 114.4368111 for the 376-metre tower (1,234 ft) on the Bali side.[4]


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