Bali Hai Beer

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Bali Hai
TypeIndonesian lager beer
ManufacturerBali Hai Brewery Indonesia
Country of originIndonesia
International (export only)
Alcohol by volume5%
VariantsBali Hai Draft Beer
WebsiteBali Hai

Bali Hai is a brand of Indonesian lager beer produced by PT Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia since 1975.[1] Currently the beer and its variants are sold in more than 20 countries, including Korea, New Zealand, to Far East Russia. The Bali Hai brands and variants includes Bali Hai Premium, Draft Beer, El Diablo Original, Panther Black, El Diablo Strong Brew, Noxx and Folsom.[2] Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia's head office is located in Jalan Laksamana RE Martadinata, Ruko Permata Ancol Blok F No.6 North Jakarta 14420, Indonesia.[3]

The Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia company was an affiliate to an Asian brewery, which also produced under license other brands including San Miguel Beer, Asahi beer and Lowenbrau beer (non alcoholic).[1]

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