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The Bali Peace Park Project was founded in 2003 by Australian Dallas Jackson-Finn in the lead up to the first Anniversary of the first Bali bombing.

The Bali Peace Park Association Inc (BPPAI) based in Perth, Western Australia, was incorporated in September 2008. The Association consists of survivors of the 2002 and 2005 terrorist attacks in Bali, as well as their friends, relatives and supporters.

The Association is not-for-profit and a WA Registered Charity with an aim to facilitate the development of a Peace Park and interactive museum on the ex-Sari Club site in Kuta, Bali.[1]

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, is the Indonesian Patron. Dr Fiona Wood, 2005 former Australian of the Year,[2] is the Australian Patron. Other high profile supporters and/or ambassadors include former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd [3] Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett [4] former AFL footballer Jason McCartney, Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Australian Consul General Lex Bartlem.[5]

The Bali Peace Park Association Inc has often been incorrectly portrayed as being connected with the similarly named Bali Peace Park Foundation (no longer existing).[6]

In December 2005 Australian man Jan Laczynski discovered on one of the bombed sites where the former Paddys bar stood - had been converted suddenly into a car park raising anger for the bereaved and family and friends of those lost in the attacks 7. In 2015 [7]Jan Laczynski later confronts [8]Ali Imron, the man responsible for making the bombs in 2002 who remains in jail in Jakarta[9]

An unauthorised proposed commercial development by Balinese businessman Kadek Wirinatha was halted by the village of Kuta heads and Balinese Government officials, a meeting was called between the Australian Consulate and the Governor. Following this, the Governor and Regent of Badung both reaffirmed their support for the development of the Peace Park and stated that no other building permits, including that of a planned nightclub would be granted.,[10][11]

In December 2009, the Association was granted Deductible Gift Recipient status[12] (DGR - allowing tax deductible donations) by the Australian Federal Government.

On 25 February 2010, Association negotiators, representatives of the landowner and mediators/observers from the Governor’s office met in Bali to begin the official land negotiations.[13]

In March 2010, the Project formed part of Prime Minister Rudd’s Foreign Affairs brief for his meeting with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Canberra. At the time Association representatives also met with Governor Made Mangku Pastika who was travelling with President Yudhoyono to provide an updated report on the Project’s progress.[14] The Bali Peace Park Association still has no contract on the land nor will they in the foreseeable future.

In 2014, serious questions were asked about if Australia were forgetting the significance of the worst ever attack and loss of Australians life since the war[15] Justin Smith 2UE. Neil Mitchell from Radio 3AW slammed the attendance of Nasir Abbas during the 12th Anniversary. Nasir helped trained the Bali bombers.[16]

A new group has been formed, The Kuta Community Peace Park action group has been formed to address the issues and to advise the Balinese Government on the several sites that are more suitable. The group consists of Balinese elders and concerned citizens both Indonesian and expats who believe the peace park should be placed away from the current site and without the politics. The current consensus within the Balinese Community that this is peace park and not a memorial, perceived by the Peace Park Association.


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