Baliati Zamindari

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Baliati Zamidar Bari
Baliati Zamindari
Country British Raj
Founded 18th century
Founder Gobinda Ram Shaha

Baliati Zamindar Bari (Bengali: বালিয়াটি জমিদার বাড়ি) is located at the village of Baliati, in Saturia Upazila in Manikganj District, Bangladesh.[1] It is the palace of the Zamindars, the Baliati Zamindari who ruled over a large area. The Baliati Jamindar Bari is located at 23°59′43″N 90°02′31″E / 23.9952°N 90.0419°E / 23.9952; 90.0419.


Gobinda Ram Shaha Bengali: গোবিন্দ রাম সাহা was the settler of the Zamindari at Baliati. He was a salt merchant. He inherited the business from his parent, then he extended that business further and established the zamindari. The zamindari extended to Narayanganj District.


There are seven palaces. The palace area occupies around 5.88 acres (23,800 m2) of land, enclosed within a moat and a perimeter wall. There are about 200 rooms inside the premises. At the back of the Palace is a pond (dighi).


At the end of the 18th century, Zamindar Harendra Kumar Ray Chowdhury officially sold some patrs of the Zamindari of Narayanganj to Sreemoti Alladi BiBi who was the owner of Talluk and her husband Zamindar Rohim Boksh Haji. The palaces have been administered by the Bangladesh archeological department since 1987.And it is said that after separation in 1947, all the ancestors left for India.


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Coordinates: 23°59′43″N 90°02′31″E / 23.9952°N 90.0419°E / 23.9952; 90.0419