Baligród massacre

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The monument in Baligród

The Baligród massacre occurred on Sunday, 6 August 1944 in Baligród, Lesko County (in the current Subcarpathian Voivodeship), Poland. Ukrainians with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) murdered members of the Polish population.

The massacre[edit]

The UPA came from Stężnicy and Huczwic, and surrounded the Polish population gathered in the church. When some people left the church, 42 people were murdered. The killings were in retaliation for the killing of 16 Ukrainians in Stężnica on 4 August 1944 in self-defense by citizens of Baligród and by Soviet partisans.

Another attack by the UPA in Baligrod was made a year later. On 1 August 1945 at around 22:00, a subunit of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army attacked the police station. Polish militiamen defended the station until 5:00 in the morning, with the result that the Ukrainians withdrew, but in revenge burned seven houses.


Coordinates: 49°20′14″N 22°17′09″E / 49.3372°N 22.2858°E / 49.3372; 22.2858