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A bale meten (sleeping pavilion) within a Balinese house compound.

Balinese traditional house refers to the traditional vernacular house of Balinese people in Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese traditional house is the product of a blend of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, fused with Austronesian animism, resulting in a house that is "in harmony" with the law of the cosmos of Balinese Hinduism.[1]

House compound[edit]

The Balinese traditional house is built as a house compound, where daily functions are separated not by rooms, but by individual structures within an enclosing wall.

A simplest type of Balinese house compound. Legend: 1. Natah 2. Sanggah Kemulan 3. Bale daja or meten 4. Bale dangin or sikepat 5. Bale dauh or tiang sanga 6. Bale delod or sekenam 7. Paon 8. Lumbung 9. a pigsty 10. Lawang 11. Aling-aling 12. Sanggah pengijeng karang
Several house shrines belonging to a Balinese house compound.
Distinctive shaped lumbung (rice barn) of southern Bali.
Gate houses marks the entrance to a private compound in this Balinese traditional village of Penglipuran.
A scene within a Balinese walled residential compound belonged to a common man.

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