Uly Balkan

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Uly Balkan
Uly Balkan is located in Turkmenistan
Uly Balkan
Uly Balkan
Highest point
Peak Mount Arlan
Elevation 1,880 m (6,170 ft)
Coordinates 39°40′N 54°34′E / 39.667°N 54.567°E / 39.667; 54.567Coordinates: 39°40′N 54°34′E / 39.667°N 54.567°E / 39.667; 54.567
Length 70 km (43 mi)
Country Turkmenistan

The Uly Balkan, also known as the Great Balkan Range is a mountain range in Turkmenistan.[1] The highest summit is Mount Arlan at 1,880 metres (6,170 ft).

Part of the Balkan range in the background.


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