Balkan Athletics Championships

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Balkan Athletics Championships
Greek: Βαλκανικοί Αγώνες
Balkan games.jpg
Poster of the first Balkan Games (1929)
First event 1929
Occur every year (except 1941–1952, 1987, 1991, 1993 and 1995)
Last event 2015
Purpose Athletics event for nations of the Balkans
Website Official website

The Balkan Athletics Championships or Balkan Games is a regional athletics competition held between nations from the Balkans and organized by Balkan Athletics. The first games were held in Athens in 1929,[1] and the most recent were being held in Pitești in 2015.[2]


The Games of 1929 were unofficial, and organized by the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS). They became formalized after 1930 and have been held regularly since, with the exception of the 1940–1953 period due to the Second World War and post-war turmoil. In 1946 and 1947, unofficial Games were organized, under the name Balkan and Central European Games, in which Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary (1947) also participated.[3]

SEGAS were also central to the creation of the Balkan Athletics Indoor Championships in 1994 – a sister indoor event to the main outdoor competition.



Games Year Venue Nation
[4] 1929 Athens  Greece
I 1930 Athens  Greece
II 1931 Athens  Greece
III 1932 Athens  Greece
IV 1933 Athens  Greece
V 1934 Zagreb  Yugoslavia
VI 1935 Istanbul  Turkey
VII 1936 Athens  Greece
VIII 1937 Bucharest  Romania
IX 1938 Belgrade  Yugoslavia
X 1939 Athens  Greece
XI 1940 Istanbul  Turkey
[4] 1946 Tirana  Albania
[4] 1947 Bucharest  Romania
XII 1953 Athens  Greece
XIII 1954 Belgrade  Yugoslavia
XIV 1955 Istanbul  Turkey
XV 1956 Belgrade  Yugoslavia
XVI 1957 Athens  Greece
XVII 1958 Sofia  Bulgaria
XVIII 1959 Bucharest  Romania
XIX 1960 Athens  Greece
XX 1961 Belgrade  Yugoslavia
XXI 1962 Ankara  Turkey
XXII 1963 Sofia  Bulgaria
XXIII 1964 Bucharest  Romania
XXIV 1965 Athens  Greece
XXV 1966 Sarajevo  Yugoslavia
Edition Year Venue Nation
XXVI 1967 Istanbul  Turkey
XXVII 1968 Athens  Greece
XXVIII 1969 Sofia  Bulgaria
XXIX 1970 Bucharest  Romania
XXX 1971 Zagreb  Yugoslavia
XXXI 1972 Izmir  Turkey
XXXII 1973 Athens  Greece
XXXIII 1974 Sofia  Bulgaria
XXXIV 1975 Bucharest  Romania
XXXV 1976 Celje  Yugoslavia
XXXVI 1977 Ankara  Turkey
XXXVII 1978 Thessaloniki  Greece
XXXVIII 1979 Athens  Greece
XXXIX 1980 Sofia  Bulgaria
XL 1981 Sarajevo  Yugoslavia
XLI 1982 Bucharest  Romania
XLII 1983 Izmir  Turkey
XLIII 1984 Athens  Greece
XLIV 1985 Stara Zagora  Bulgaria
XLV 1986 Ljubljana  Yugoslavia
XLVI 1988 Ankara  Turkey
XLVII 1989 Serres  Greece
XLVIII 1990 Istanbul  Turkey
XLIX 1992 Sofia  Bulgaria
L 1994 Trikala  Greece
LI 1996 Niš  Yugoslavia
LII 1997 Athens  Greece
LIII 1998 Belgrade  Yugoslavia
Edition Year Venue Nation
LIV 1999 Istanbul  Turkey
LV 2000 Kavala  Greece
LVI 2001 Trikala  Greece
LVII 2002 Bucharest  Romania
LVIII [5] 2003 Thiva  Greece
LIX 2004 Istanbul  Turkey
LX 2005 Novi Sad  Serbia
LXI 2006 Athens  Greece
LXII 2007 Plovdiv  Bulgaria
LXIII 2008 Bar  Montenegro
LXIV 2009 Izmir  Turkey
LXV 2010 Larisa  Greece
LXVI 2011 Stara Zagora  Bulgaria
LXVII 2012 Alexandroupoli  Greece
LXVIII 2013 Stara Zagora  Bulgaria
LXIX 2014 Pitești  Romania
LXX 2015 Pitești  Romania
LXXI 2016 Pitești  Romania

1940 athlete naming[edit]

The 1940 shot put champion was listed as Arat Ararat from Turkey. The birth name of this athlete was Sokratis Ioannidis, a Greek Orthodox born in Istanbul. Due to political friction between Turkey and Greece at that time, the Turks decided it would be more politically correct to change his name to Arat Ararat. This was the name he was known by in the athletic circles.


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