Balkan International Basketball League

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Balkan International Basketball League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2016–17 BIBL
Balkan international basketball league.jpg
Sport Basketball
Founded 2008
No. of teams variable (the minimum was 9 and the maximum was 12)
Countries Albania Albania
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
Montenegro Montenegro
Kosovo Kosovo
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent
Bulgaria Beroe Stara Zagora
TV partner(s) Digitalb (SuperSport), BNT 1, BNT Sat, Channel 3
Official website

The Balkan International Basketball League (BIBL), also known as the Balkan League, is a multinational professional basketball league that features pro clubs from the Balkans. The league includes teams from the countries of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. The recent champion of BIBL League is Prishtina from Kosova.


The league features two teams from the Montenegrin Basketball League, four from the Macedonian League, two from National Basketball League (Bulgaria) and one team from Albanian Basketball League

The BIBL will start with the First Stage where the 12 teams will be divided into 2 groups, group A and group B. BC Levski Sofia 2014 are in the process of desciding whether they will participate or not. Until then both groups will have 6 teams each. The first stage will be played between October the 4th 2016 and January the 25th 2017.

The best four teams from each group will after that qualify for the Second Stage where they will be divided into 2 new groups, where presumably the number 1 and 2 from group A will face number 3 and 4 from group B. While number 1 and 2 from group B will face number 3 and 4 from group A. They will create new groups called groupe C and group D for the Second stage. The results from the First Stage will be carried in to the Second stage, counting between the teams that qualifies. The Second stage will be played between January the 31st 2017 and March the 1st 2017.

The two best team from each group, C1 and D1, in the Second stage will there after advance directly to the semifinal, while second placed from group C, C2, will face third placed from group D, D3, in a quarterfinal and second placed from group D, D2, will face third placed from group C, C3, in a quarterfinal.

C1 will thereafter face winner between C2/D3 and D1 will face winner from D2/C3.

The finals will then be played on April the 11 th 2017 and April 20th 2017. All quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will be played on 1 home and 1 away game basis.


Season Host Arena Champion Runner-up Result
2008–09 Bulgaria Samokov Arena Samokov Bulgaria Rilski Sportist Republic of Macedonia Feršped Rabotnički 84–77
2009–10 Bulgaria Sofia Universiada Hall Bulgaria Levski Sofia Montenegro Lovćen 77–65
2010–11 Republic of Macedonia Kavadarci Jasmin Sports Hall Republic of Macedonia Feni Industries Bulgaria Rilski Sportist 88–75
2011–12 Israel Gan Ner Gan Ner Sports Hall Israel Hapoel Gilboa Galil Bulgaria Levski Sofia 89–84
2012–13 Bulgaria Samokov Arena Samokov Israel Hapoel Gilboa Galil Bulgaria Levski Sofia 87–79
2013–14 Kosovo Pristina Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve Bulgaria Levski Sofia Israel Hapoel Gilboa Galil 75–69
2014–15 Kosovo Pristina
Bulgaria Samokov
Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve
Arena Samokov
Kosovo Sigal Prishtina Bulgaria Rilski Sportist 74−72
2015–16 Kosovo Pristina
Montenegro Bar
Pallati i Rinisë dhe Sporteve
Sportska dvorana Topolica
Kosovo Sigal Prishtina Montenegro Mornar 82−68
2016–17 Bulgaria Stara Zagora
Republic of Macedonia Kumanovo
Obshtinska zala
Sports Hall Kumanovo
Bulgaria Beroe Republic of Macedonia Kumanovo 84−55

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