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Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Chakwal District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Balkassar (Urdu: بلکسر‎) is a village and union council, an administrative subdivision, of Chakwal District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan It is part of Chakwal Tehsil.[1] The village gets its name from the Kassar tribe, who also make up the bulk of the population. It is one of a cluster of villages such as Chawli, Dhudial, Mangwal, Bikhari Khurd and Balokassar, which form the tribal homeland of the Kassar (Jatt)tribe.


Coordinates: 32°56′0″N 72°39′0″E / 32.93333°N 72.65000°E / 32.93333; 72.65000