Balkh River

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The Balkh River or Balkhab is a river in Balkh Province, Afghanistan.

The river rises in the Band-e Amir lakes in the Hindu Kush. In its upper reaches the river is known as the Band-e Amir River (Rud-e Band-e Amir). The river flows west, then north, and terminates in irrigation canals in the area of the cities of Balkh and Mazar-e Sharif or in the desert. In times of exceptional flood the river drains into the lowlands of Turkmenistan. In ancient times the river terminated in a delta at the Amu Darya, but has not reached that river since irrigation canals were developed centuries ago.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°39′N 66°56′E / 36.650°N 66.933°E / 36.650; 66.933