Ball & Chain

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This article is about the 2004 film. For other uses, see Ball and chain (disambiguation).
Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain poster.jpg
Directed by Shiraz Jafri
Produced by A.V.T. Shankardass
Written by Thomas Mortimer
Starring Sunil Malhotra
Lisa Ray
Kal Penn
Pura Bedi
Music by Deane Ogden
Cinematography Peter Simonite
Edited by Luis Caffesse
Cliff Wildman
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Running time
90 min
Country  United States
Language English
Budget $3.2 million USD

Ball & Chain is a 2004 romantic comedy written by Thomas Mortimer. It was directed by Shiraz Jafri and produced by A. V. T. Shankardass. It stars Sunil Malhotra, Lisa Ray, Kal Penn, Purva Bedi and Asrani. It was filmed on location in Austin, Texas. It was released by Lions Gate Entertainment.


Somewhere in the middle of Texas, Ameet (Sunil Malhotra) and Saima (Lisa Ray) have a problem. They were perfectly happy avoiding each other until their parents set them up to get married. The reluctant couple decide to do whatever it takes to break off the engagement. After some very embarrassing efforts, they finally succeed in getting their parents to call off the wedding, only to realize they have another problem, they're in love! Meanwhile, Saima's father (Asrani), deciding that she's passed her expiration date, promises her to Ashol (Ismail Bashey)- a sleazy playboy. Finally, there's a wedding; Ashol's big secret, Ameet's bigger surprise, and Saima's biggest decision.



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