Ball Range

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Ball Range
Stanley Peak.jpg
Highest point
Peak Mount Ball
Elevation 3,311 m (10,863 ft)
Coordinates 51°09′25″N 116°00′30″W / 51.15694°N 116.00833°W / 51.15694; -116.00833Coordinates: 51°09′25″N 116°00′30″W / 51.15694°N 116.00833°W / 51.15694; -116.00833
Length 26 km (16 mi) W-E
Width 35 km (22 mi) N-S
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Parent range Canadian Rockies

The Ball Range is a mountain range on the Continental Divide between Vermilion Pass and Red Earth Pass in Kootenay National Park, Canada. The range is named after John Ball, a politician who helped secure funding for the Palliser Expedition.

It extends over 465 km² (179 mi²), and measures 35 km (22 mi) from North to South and 26 km (16 mi) from East to West[1]


This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Mount Ball 3,311 10,863
Stanley Peak 3,155 10,352
Beatrice Peak 3,125 10,253
Storm Mountain 3,100 10,171
Isabelle Peak 2,926 9,600
Haiduk Peak 2,795 9,581
Copper Mountain 2,920 9,170

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