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The Ballad of Siberia (in Russian: Сказание о земле Сибирской) from Mosfilm (1947) is Soviet Union's second color film (after The Stone Flower), directed by Ivan Pyryev, starring Vladimir Druzhnikov and Marina Ladynina.

It is a musical movie Soviet style, full of songs, such as The Wanderer, describing the development of Siberia after World War II.



It is a musical movie, full of songs, old and new.

  • The Song of the Siberian Earth (Words by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky, Music by Nikolai Kryukov)
  • The Hymn to Siberia (Words by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky, Music by Nikolai Kryukov)
  • The Wanderer (in Russian: Бродяга)


This film was so successful that a second color musical film, Cossacks of the Kuban was made two years later by the same director and cast.

This movie also became popular in Japan, so it gave influence to the Utagoe Movement and Utagoe coffeehouse in the 1950s, eventually leading to the Karaoke phenomenon in the 1970s. [1]


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