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The history of the famous Kallapalem Ballasulamma temple. Kallapalem (Telugu: కాళ్ళపాలెం) is a small village in the Kalidindi Mandal of Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh, India.


The incident happened back 400 years. The northern part of an Indian family of Ramannna with two sons Pedda Ramanna and China Ramanna were living together. Cattle raising was their profession. The Pedda veranna is soft and China veranna is a playboy. China Ramanna had a relationship with a Lambadi girl and this news spread to Lambadi society. They threatened to kill the Ramanna family. In fear of death the Ramanna family moved with their cattle toward southern part of India. On the way they met with Goddess Ballasulamma and she asked them to carry with them. The Ramanna requested the goddess that he cannot effort to carry her or offer food. The goddesses then converted into a form of a small girl and weightless. The Ramanna held her on his back and carried her until he reached the village currently called Kallapalem. Upon reaching Kallapalem she gained weight which was painful to Ramanna. Ramanna expressed this to the goddess and she told them to leave her there and move without turning back. Ramanna left the Ballasulamma and moved forward but after reaching the few meters he thought about the girl which he left in a dark and isolated land and looked back at the same time she converted into idol. From then on word they started worshiping her as household goddess.[citation needed]

The family flow[edit]

  1. Devabattula Ramanna
  2. S/o Devabattula Pedda Veranna
  3. Devabattula Ramaya
  4. Devabattula Tatayya
  5. Devabattula Venkata swamy
  6. Devabattula Venkataramayya
  7. S/o Devabattula Harinathad
  8. S/0 Devabattula Rushibabu
  9. S/o Devabattula Satayanarayana
  10. S/o Devabattula Rambabu
  11. Devabattula Tata Rao
  12. S/o Suryanarayana
  13. Devabattula Chalapathirao
  14. S/o Suryanarayana
  15. Devabattula Siva Shankar
  16. S/o Suryanarayana
  17. Devabattula Nagabushnam
  18. S/o Tata Rao
  19. Devabattula Venkata Rajeev
  20. S/o Tata Rao
  21. # Devabattula Samba Siva Rao
  22. S/o Rama Rao
  23. Devabattula Venkata Ratnam
  24. S/o Rama Rao
  25. Devabattula Vasu
  26. S/o Surya Narayana
  27. Devabattula MadhusudanaRao & Bro
  28. S/o Venkata Rattaya
  29. Devabattula Koteswara Rao
  30. S/o Krishna Murthy

Jaji Venkata Siva Rama Krishna S/o Jaji Nancharaya

Devabattula Satayanarayana decided to construct the new temple in place of old one with the help of villageand support of their relatives to construct the temple in 2012.