Il Balletto di Bronzo

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Il Balletto di Bronzo
Origin Naples, Italy
Genres progressive rock, Italian progressive rock
Years active 1966–1973
Labels RCA, Polydor, Mellow Records
Members Romolo Amichi, Giani Leone, Ugo Vantini

Il Balletto di Bronzo (Italian: "The Bronze Ballet") is an Italian progressive rock band from Naples. They formed in the mid-1960s, and released two albums, Sirio 2222 and Ys, before disbanding in 1973.

Sirio 2222 (1970) is a psychedelic album originally released on RCA Italiana. The line-up of the band at this time was Marco Cecioni (vocals, guitar), Lino Ajello (guitar), Michele Cupaiuolo (bass) and Giancarlo Stinga (drums).

In 1971 both Cecioni and Cupaiuolo left the band, replaced by Gianni Leone (vocals, keyboards), from the band Città Frontale, and Vito Manzari (bass), formerly of Rome's Quelle Strane Cose Che. This line-up released Ys in 1971 on Polydor, regarded as one of the finest examples of Italian symphonic rock.

Written by Leone, Ys is a concept album divided into four parts: "Introduzione", "Primo Incontro", "Secondo Incontro" and "Terzo Incontro ed Epilogo".

The band released several singles, among them "Neve Calda/Cominciò per gioco", "Sì, Mama Mama/Meditazione" and "La tua casa comoda/Donna Vittoria". Over the years, several rarities, including previously unreleased English and Spanish language singles, have surfaced.

Despite breaking up in the early 1970s, Il Balletto di Bronzo continued to exert an influence, mostly on the strength of their second album. Several bands, amongst them Nurse With Wound, have cited them as an influence: The band is on the Nurse With Wound list. The album Ys has been reissued at different times in Italy, Korea and Japan.

In the late 1990s, Gianni Leone reformed the band as a trio, recording the live album Trys. As of this writing this incarnation of the band is still active as a live ensemble with a rotating roster, Leone being the sole constant.




  • 1969 - Neve calda/Cominciò per gioco, AEC/RCA
  • 1970 - Sì, mama mama/Meditazione, RCA Italiana
  • 1973 - La tua casa comoda/Donna Vittoria, Polydor


  • 1999 - Trys, Mellow Music

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