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Ballistics may refer to:


  • Ballistics, the science that deals with the motion, behavior, and effects of projectiles.
    • Forensic ballistics, the science of analyzing firearm usage in crimes
    • Internal ballistics, the study of the processes originally accelerating the projectile, for example the passage of a bullet through the barrel of a rifle
    • Transition ballistics, the study of the projectile's behavior when it leaves the barrel and the pressure behind the projectile is equalized
    • External ballistics, the study of the passage of the projectile through space or the air
    • Terminal ballistics, the study of the interaction of a projectile with its target, whether that be flesh (for a hunting bullet), steel (for an anti-tank round), or even furnace slag (for an industrial slag disruptor)
  • Ballistic conduction, conduction of electricity with negligible scattering of charge carriers.
  • Ballistic movement of muscles in an animal.



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