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The Ballona Creek bicycle path is a six-mile stretch of Class 1 bicycle path in Los Angeles that parallels Ballona Creek for its entire length. It starts where Jefferson Boulevard veers south to spawn National Boulevard in Culver City, passes through Del Rey and Playa Vista, and ends by joining The Strand in Playa del Rey. The path passes by the Baldwin Hills and the Ballona Wetlands, and on clear days a view of the Santa Monica Mountains is visible. Especially near the wetlands, riders can view many varieties of wild birds all along the path. The path is flat for its entire length, except at the underpasses.

Just east of Inglewood, the path passes the Mar Vista Gardens housing development, home to the Culver City Boyz gang.


City of Culver City did a major renovation of the areas of Ballona Creek bicycle path adjacent to the Culver City Julian Dixon Library and Culver City Middle School.,[1][2] The remodeled site includes a rest area, educational displays, new fencing, and night lighting. Native plants replaced parts of the concrete embankment.


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Coordinates: 33°59′31″N 118°25′43″W / 33.99191°N 118.42850°W / 33.99191; -118.42850