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Globos Amigos at Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (Japan), model Balloon Race
Model Samba balloon, a children's Samba Balloon ride.

The Zamperla Balloon Race is a tilting, circular motion amusement park ride manufactured by Antonio Zamperla S.P.A. The ride makes its way up a structure, and at a certain height, it starts tilting.


Gondola designs[edit]

Twelve balloons with gondolas hold up to 4 passengers each. This ride also comes in 8 balloon and 12 balloon versions. There is also an essentially identical ride with pirate ships instead of balloons. Seat belts and locking doors provide safety. At some installations, a rider may exit themselves, while in other ones, an operator must let them out.

Similar designs[edit]

The Chance Morgan company manufacture a version of the Balloon Race, which is similar except the balloons are much bigger.

Samba Balloons[edit]

A smaller version of this ride called Samba Balloons is also in existence. The ride does a similar motion, but the 'balloons' can be spun by riders. This version of the ride is often found in areas of amusement parks, and at traveling carnivals.

Some locations[edit]

Number of balloons or pirate ships is in parentheses.

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