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Ballota nigra 2005.06.19 10.13.06-p6190007.jpg
Ballota nigra
Scientific classification

Type species
Ballota nigra

Ballota (horehound) is a genus of flowering evergreen perennial plants and subshrubs in the family Lamiaceae. native to temperate regions. The Mediterranean region has the highest diversity in the genus, with more isolated locations in South Africa, Central Asia, northern Europe, and the islands of the eastern North Atlantic.[1][2] It is found in rocky and waste ground.[3]

Ballota is paraphyletic and will eventually be re-circumscribed. It is closely related to Moluccella and Marrubium.[4] Some of its species had previously been placed in Marrubium.

Ballota species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera including Coleophora case-bearers: C. ballotella, C. lineolea (which has been recorded on B. nigra) and C. ochripennella.

  1. Ballota acetabulosa (L.) Benth. - Greece, Turkey
  2. Ballota adenophora Hedge - Saudi Arabia
  3. Ballota africana (L.) Benth. -South Africa, Namibia
  4. Ballota andreuzziana Pamp. - Libya
  5. Ballota antilibanotica Post - Syria, Lebanon
  6. Ballota aucheri Boiss. - Iran, Iraq
  7. Ballota bullata Pomel. - Algeria, Tunisia
  8. Ballota byblensis Semaan & R.M.Haber - Lebanon
  9. Ballota cristata P.H.Davis - Antalya region of Turkey
  10. Ballota damascena Boiss. - Syria, Egypt
  11. Ballota deserti (de Noé) Jury, Rejdali & A.J.K.Griffiths - Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania
  12. Ballota glandulosissima Hub.-Mor. & Patzak - Turkey
  13. Ballota grisea Pojark. - Caucasus
  14. Ballota hirsuta Benth. - Spain, Portugal, Balearic Islands, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Chad; naturalized on Corsica
  15. Ballota hispanica (L.) Benth. - Italy, Sicily, Albania, Yugoslavia
  16. Ballota inaequidens Hub.-Mor. & Patzak - Antalya region of Turkey
  17. Ballota kaiseri Täckh. - Sinai
  18. Ballota larendana Boiss. & Heldr. - Turkey
  19. Ballota latibracteolata P.H.Davis & Doroszenko - Antalya + Içel regions of Turkey
  20. Ballota luteola Velen - Saudi Arabia
  21. Ballota macedonica Vandas - Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece
  22. Ballota macrodonta Boiss. & Balansa - Nigde region of Turkey
  23. Ballota nigra L. - most of Europe; North Africa, Middle East as far east as Iran; naturalized in New Zealand, Argentina, North America
  24. Ballota philistaea Bornm. - Israel
  25. Ballota platyloma Rech.f. - Iran
  26. Ballota pseudodictamnus (L.) Benth. - Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Libya; naturalized in Italy
  27. Ballota rotundifolia K.Koch - Erzurum region of Turkey
  28. Ballota saxatilis Sieber ex C.Presl - Middle East from Turkey to Saudi Arabia
  29. Ballota sechmenii Gemici & Leblebici - Turkey
  30. Ballota undulata (Sieber ex Fresen.) Benth. - Middle East from Syria to Saudi Arabia
  31. Ballota vellerea Maire, Weiller & Wilczek - Morocco


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