Ballygunge Government High School

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Ballygunge Government High School, Kolkata (India)
Ballygunge Government High School profile image.jpg
38/2, Naresh Mitra Sarani
Kolkata – 700020
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Kolkata, India
School type Government school
Established 1927
Authority Government of West Bengal
Headmaster Debananda Bagchi
Medium of language Bengali
Nickname Ballygungian
Yearbook Baagbitan
Affiliation WBBSE and WBCHSE

Ballygunge Government High School, or BGHS, is a school in West Bengal, India. This is a boys only school for secondary and higher secondary level students. Its medium of instruction is Bengali. It was once considered one of the best Bengali medium schools in Kolkata and continues to be a good one. The campus includes a fairly large play-ground and the school offers variety of extracurricular activities for its students. The school has produced many well known academics, film and theater personalities, journalist and musicians. Currently, there are over 1200 students enrolled at this school. The school is adjacent to Kolkata Regional Transport Office (RTO)/Ballygunge police station and Kolkata Motor Vehicles Department


Classes between class one to class five are taught in the morning section, while classes between six and twelve are conducted at the day section.


  • Wall magazine "Iiha" with articles, poems and short stories.
  • School magazine "Baagbitan" is published every year. Students and teachers contribute poems, essays, short stories, and sketches.
  • An annual three-day arts fair is held at the time of Saraswati Puja. The students contribute crafts, drawings, scientific experiments and works for public display.
  • Sports events are run during the annual sports.
  • Independence day is celebrated with a ceremony every year on 15 August in the school premises.
  • The school's foundation day is celebrated on 3 January.
  • Saraswati Puja is one of the main festivals held in the school.
  • Activities include theater, singing, drawing competition, debate, and recitation.

School uniform[edit]

  • Morning:

White shirt with the school badge stitched on the shirt's pocket, white pant and black school shoes.

  • Day:

White shirts with the school badge stitched on the shirt's pocket, khaki pant and black school shoes up to class ten. For class eleven and twelve black pant, white shirt with the school badge stitched on the shirt's pocket and black school shoes.


The address of the school is 38/2, Naresh Mitra Sarani (formerly known as Beltala Road), Ballygunge, Kolkata : 700020.

Notable alumni[edit]





'Cinema and Theatre'

Medical Science

^Dr.Niranjan Bhattacharya[1]


Singer & Musician


Public Administration

  • Prasad Ranjan Ray[2]
  • Amitabha Bhattacharya[3]
  • Gautam Bhattacharya[4]


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