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Ballyguyroe (Irish Baile an Ghaill Rua,[1] Town of the Red Foreigner/Frenchman/Norman. Spellings also in use: Ballinguyroe and Ballinguiroe. Pronounced locally as "Ballinguyroo"), North and South are rural townloads of Farahy[2] in the southern foothills of the Ballyhoura Mountains in north County Cork, Ireland.

The local economy is largely agriculture and forestry.

The area came into prominence as the proposed location by the Greenstar company for its planned dump[3] - a proposal defeated by the locality at An Bord Pleanála in 2004 and 2008.


  1. ^ Early anglicised forms of the name include Ballingillroe (1618), Ballygillroe (1624), Ballingyleroe (1739), Ballingeilroe otherwise Ballingiroagh (1788), Ballingeruoe (1811), Ballinguiroe (1831) and finally Ballyguyroo, Ballinguyrue, Ballingiroue (1840). The anglicised forms which would appear to best reflect the original Irish, Baile an Ghaill Rua ("the town of the red foreigner", from gall, genitive -an Ghaill) are Ballingyleroe (1739) and Ballingeilroe (1788). The l consonant disappears as a result of a linguistic phenomenon known as interconsonantal assimilation (not uncommon in early forms of placenames): l (of geil) + r (of roe) = r (geir) + r (roe). Pádraig Ó Dálaigh, Higher Placenames officer, Placenames Branch, Mespil Road, Dublin 4.
  2. ^ Postal address Shanballymore (, Geocodes: NR9NC, PMDPK, QC4-SZ7.
  3. ^

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Coordinates: 52°15′26″N 8°30′07″W / 52.25722°N 8.50194°W / 52.25722; -8.50194