Ballyhoura Mountains

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Ballyhoura Mountains
Irish: An Sliabh Riabhach
Black Rock on the Ballyhoura Mountain Range - - 1103684.jpg
Black Rock on the Ballyhoura Mountain Range
Highest point
Peak Seefin
Elevation 528 m (1,732 ft)
Country Republic of Ireland
Provinces of Ireland Munster
Glenosheen Village The road into Glenosheen, viewed from the R512 junction, with the Ballyhoura mountain range in the background.

The Ballyhoura Mountains (Irish: An Sliabh Riabhach) are located in south-east County Limerick and north-east County Cork in central Munster, running east and west for about 6 miles on the borders of both counties.[1]


The southern part of the hills is largely afforested with conifers, on the northern side there is extensive heathland and blanket bog. The mountains include Seefin (528m, 1702ft), near Seefin on the northwest is Black Rock (516m, 1696ft) and 3 miles to the west is Carron Mountain (c.440m, 1469ft) on the boundary of Cork and Limerick. Immediately east of Seefin is Knockea (1311ft), east of which again is the detached mountain of Knockeennamroanta (1319ft). Between these is the pass of Barnaderg, now called Redchair, leading from the plain of Limerick to the plain of Cork. At the north side of the valley is the peak of Barnageeha (1196ft).[1]

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Coordinates: 52°18′N 8°32′W / 52.300°N 8.533°W / 52.300; -8.533