Ballylumford Dolmen

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Ballylumford Dolmen

Ballylumford Dolmen is situated on Islandmagee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, near the north-west tip of the Islandmagee peninsula and near Ballylumford power station.[1] It is known locally as the "Druid's Altar", and could be 4000 years old, or the remains of an even earlier passage grave. The dolmen consists of four upright stones, with a heavy capstone and a fallenstone within the structure. This may have been put there to block the entrance to the tomb. The dolmen is in the front garden of a house.[2] Historical artifacts have been recovered from under the dolmen by archaeologists and it would appear to have stood over a burial chamber from ancient times. It is situated on the B90 road between Mill Bay and Ballylumford.[3] A wall plaque at the site describes the dolmen as a single chambered grave erected about 2000-1600 BC. Local finds indicate occupation of the neighbourhood during the Bronze Age.[4]

View of the dolmen prior to 1914.

Ballylumford Dolmen is a portal tomb and a State Care Historic Monument in the townland of Ballylumford, in Larne Borough Council area at grid ref: D4304 0160.[5]

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Coordinates: 54°50′30″N 5°46′26″W / 54.84167°N 5.77389°W / 54.84167; -5.77389