Baloch Republican Party

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Baloch Republican Party
President Brahumdagh Bugti
General Secretary Dr Basheer Azeem
Spokesperson Sher Mohammad Bugti
Founder Brahumdagh Bugti
Founded 2008 (2008)
Ideology Baloch nationalism

The Baloch Republican Party (Urdu: بلوچ ریپبلکن پارٹی) is a Baloch nationalist party in Balochistan headed by Brahumdagh Khan Bugti. The party favors Balochistan`s independence & demands to get Freedom from Pakistan.Balochistan has been occupued by Pakiatan on 1948.[1]

Creation of BRP[edit]

BRP is a self made terrorist organisation. The Indians funded and abetted the group to cause mayhem and terrorism within the Baluchistan province, one of their spies Kulbhushan Jadhav recently caught in the province further elaborated about RAW agency's plans in supporting and funding terrorism. The group has been dismantled and fringe elements which number 50-60 terrorists are trying to infiltrate from their bases created by RAW agency in Afghanistan namely the Indian Embassy which provides cover for such terrorist activity.


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