Baloch of Punjab

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Total population
10-12 million
Regions with significant populations
Allah-green.svg Islam 100% •
Related ethnic groups
BalochBaloch diasporaSindhi BalochBaloch of India

Punjabi Baloch (Urdu: پنجابی بلوچ‎) are Baloch people that have settled in Punjab province of Pakistan. A significant number of Baloch tribes have over time settled in the Punjab province. These Baloch are often referred to as the Punjabi Baloch.


The Baloch of the Punjab plains are now altogether separated from the Baloch tribes of Balochistan and the Derajat, although the same tribal names are still found among them; some tribes and families still are in contact with the tribes in Baluchistan . Long residence in Punjab and inter-marriage with the Jats has deprived them of many of their characteristics, and they have now forgotten the Baloch language and have abandoned the Baloch dress. Yet Baluch traditions can be seen in some parts (where Baluch families and tribes reside) of south-Punjab mainly in Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffarghar and Rajanpur. They mostly speak Seraiki or Sulemani Balochi in the south of Punjab, while those in the districts of Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Jhang, Sargodha and Khushab speak Punjabi.[citation needed]Long before Mir Chakar's time, Mir Jalal Khan was one of the Baloch historical rulers, and from his four sons— Rind, Lashar, Hooth and Korai — spring the five main Baloch tribes. The Jatoi are the children of Jatoi, Jalal Khan's daughter. These main sections are now divided into innumerable septs. Throughout the Punjab the term Baloch denotes any Muslim camel-man. The word has come to be associated with the care of camels, because the Baloch settlers of the Western plains have taken to the grazing and breeding of camels rather than to husbandry, and every Baloch is supposed to be a camelman and every camel-man to be a Baloch. The Baloch (Baloch: بلوچ) are a tribal society settled in Balochistan in southwestern Asia. The Baluchistan region is divided among Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Sandani Baloch (بلوچ)[edit]

The Sandani or Sandi baloch are most live in balochistan.This tribe is now spread across Pakistan, concentrated in Punjab while most Baloch are Shia and Sunni. Most Sandani live in Punjab and Sindh.Mostly thay live near Dera Ghazi,Khan D I Khan,Bhakkar.they migrated 1876 during British rule.

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