Balog nad Ipľom

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Veľký Krtíš District in the Banská Bystrica region

Balog nad Ipl'om (German: Bollig an der Eipel; Hungarian: Ipolybalog) (1232 Bolug, 1351 Balogh) is a village and municipality in the Veľký Krtíš District of the Banská Bystrica Region of southern Slovakia.


In historical records, the village was first mentioned in 1232 when the King of Hungary, Andrew II gave the village to Zvolen (Zólyom) town. After, for four centuries it belonged to local noble family Baloghy (Balogov). From 1939 to 1944 it belonged to Hungary again.

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Genealogical resources[edit]

The records for genealogical research are available at the state archive "Statny Archiv in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia"

  • Roman Catholic church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1771-1895
  • Lutheran church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1721-1750, 1784-1862
  • Census records 1869 of Balog_nad_Iplom are not available at the state archive.

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Coordinates: 48°04′37″N 19°07′47″E / 48.07694°N 19.12972°E / 48.07694; 19.12972