Baloué River

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Baloué River
Map of the Senegal River drainage basin
Country Mali
Physical characteristics
River mouth Bakoy River near Toukoto
750 meters (2,460 ft)
13°32′58″N 9°54′35″W / 13.54944°N 9.90972°W / 13.54944; -9.90972Coordinates: 13°32′58″N 9°54′35″W / 13.54944°N 9.90972°W / 13.54944; -9.90972
Basin features
River system Senegal River

The Baloué River (French: Fleuve Baloué, from Manding for "Red River") is a river in Mali in West Africa. It flows from a source west of Bamako to the Bakoy near Toukoto and forms part of the Senegal watershed.[1][2]

In Manding languages, Baloué signifies 'red river', Bakoye 'white river' and Bafing 'black river'.[1][2]


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