Balranald Nature Reserve

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Coordinates: 57°36′33″N 7°30′11″W / 57.609164°N 7.502957°W / 57.609164; -7.502957 The Balranald Nature Reserve is an RSPB reserve on the north west coast of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

The reserve is open all year round and has a small unmanned visitor centre [1]

Balranald has a number of birds that can be viewed there regularly such as lapwings, corn buntings, greylag geese and the famous corncrake which has a distinctive rasping sound in the summer months. North Uist has also had some other rarer visitors such as the Snowy Owl,[2] Black Billed Cuckoo,[3] Gyrfalcon and the Hoopoe.[4]

Balranald Visitor Centre


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