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The Good Samaritan

Balthasar van Cortbemde[1] (Antwerp, 8 April 1612 – Antwerp, prior to 24 December 1663) was a Flemish painter, copyist and art dealer. He is only known for one painting.[2]


Balthasar van Cortbemde was born in Antwerp as a son of the art dealer Philips van Cortbemde and Catharine Verluyt.[3]

He was registered as a pupil of Jan Blanckaert in 1626.[3] He became a master of the Antwerp Guild of St Luke in 1631.[4] On 26 March 1637 he married Ursula van Hoecke, the sister of the painter Jan van den Hoecke. The couple has six children.[3]

Starting from 1648 he delivered paintings to the Antwerp art dealer Matthijs Musson. Amongst others, he produced copies after Anthony van Dyck.[2] He was also active as an art dealer himself.[3]

He received various pupils including Ingenacieus de Raet, Gloyde Verhyen, Francoys van Nuffelen, Gilam van Hoecke, Jonas Aerck and Francis Peeters.[4]


Balthasar van Cortbemde is only known for one painting, The Good Samaritan dated 1647 (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp).[3] The work was executed for the Corporation of Surgeons of Antwerp.[5] It depicts a scene from the biblical Parable of the Good Samaritan. It shows the Samaritan traveler who has descended from his horse and is nursing the wounds of a man who was injured by robbers. According to the parable a Levite and priest had also passed the injured man without helping him. The painting shows the Levite on the left behind a tree and a little more in the distance the priest reading a book.[6] This work shows that the artist was a talented artist.[3]


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