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Balti Wine is a wine brand marketed as complementary with South Asian food, especially curries such as Balti.[1] Launched in 2004, the wine is made in three white and two red varieties with a "chilli rating" index to help consumers select the right wine for their food, depending on the spiciness of the dish. The wine is made with grapes from Argentina.[2] By the end of 2006, Balti wines was found in 70% of the Indian restaurants in Rusholme's Curry Mile and Sharif had secured distribution contracts in the United States and with Gulf Air and P&O Cruises.[2]


The wine brand was created by Manchester-based British Pakistani entrepreneur Ashraf Sharif, in collaboration with Manchester University's Food Technology department.[2] Noticing the market gap in providing ethnic wines to match with spicy South Asian foods, Sharif launched Balti wine in 2004 and began marketing them to Indian restaurants.[2]

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