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Baltic may refer to:


Northern Europe[edit]

  • Baltic Sea, a sea in Europe
  • Baltic region, an ambiguous term referring to the general area surrounding the Baltic Sea
  • Baltic states (also Baltic countries, Baltic nations, Baltics), a geopolitical term, currently referring to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Baltic Provinces or governorates, former parts of the Swedish Empire and then Russian Empire (in modern Latvia, Estonia)
  • Baltic Shield, the exposed Precambrian northwest segment of the East European Craton
  • Baltic Plate, an ancient tectonic plate that is now fused onto the Eurasian Plate

North America[edit]

Peoples and languages[edit]

  • Baltic languages, a subfamily of Indo-European languages, including Lithuanian, Latvian and extinct Old Prussian
  • Balts (or Baltic peoples), ethnic groups speaking the Baltic languages and/or originating from the Baltic countries
  • Baltic Germans, historical ethnic German minority in Latvia and Estonia
  • Baltic Finnic peoples, the Finnic peoples historically inhabiting the area on the northeastern side of the Baltic sea

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