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The Baltic Triangle is a development area in Liverpool city centre. Liverpool City Council define the area as being bounded by Liver Street, Park Lane, Parliament Street and Chaloner Street / Wapping.[1] It is being redeveloped to become the home of the creative industries in Liverpool, England.

There is much debate about the origin of the name, Baltic Triangle. It is believed it may be due to the area being the site of timber warehouses that stored wood imported from Norway. Other suggestions include that the area was home to a small but lucrative whaling industry and is named after the fishing grounds.[2] The area is also home to a Scandinavian Church. During the nineteenth century it was settled by a large immigrant community especially from Ireland.[citation needed]

Liverpool City Council unveiled plans in March 2018 to increase the area the Baltic Triangle currently makes up, extending it to include the Dock Road, Sefton Street and Brunswick Station. The move was designed to stop an increase in the number of housing developments and protect space for businesses.[3] The council announced in January 2019 that LDA Design has been appointed to draft a Spatial Regeneration Framework to guide the future development the area.[4] The completed report, when adopted by the council after public consultation, will be used as a Supplementary Planning Document to inform any planning applications in the area.


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Coordinates: 53°23′49″N 2°58′59″W / 53.397°N 2.983°W / 53.397; -2.983