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Location of Baltimore in the state of Maryland
The 2014 Baltimore City Delegation

The Baltimore City Delegation refers to the 18 delegates who are elected from districts in Baltimore to serve in the Maryland House of Delegates in the United States.[1] There are currently 6 legislative districts in Baltimore City with each having 3 delegates. The chairman of the delegation is chosen via an open ballot by the members of the delegation and usually serves for four years. The delegation usually meets weekly during the regular session of the Maryland General Assembly in the Baltimore City Delegation Room of the Lowe House Office Building in Annapolis. During the legislative interim, May through December, the delegation meets on an as needed basis.

Authority and responsibilities[edit]

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The Baltimore City Delegation is responsible for representing the interests, needs and concerns of the City of Baltimore in the Maryland General Assembly. The first priority has been to ensure that sufficient state funds are granted to the city to support the funding of education and the construction and operation of public school facilities. Additionally, the delegation monitors state transportation trust funds allocated to the city for its transportation infrastructure. Every year, the Mayor of Baltimore provides of list of special projects that need to be funded through state loans (bonds); the Baltimore City Senate Delegation is responsible for passage of those projects in the General Assembly.

Maryland General Assembly legislative session actions[edit]


Chairmen of the Baltimore City Delegation (last 60 years)[edit]

Name Tenure District and Party
Curt Anderson 2006–present 43, Democratic
Salima Siler Marriott 1999-2006 41, Democratic
Frank Boston 1992-1998 41, Democratic
Margaret "Peggy" Murphy 1989-1992 41, Democratic
Larry Young 1988-1989 39, Democratic
American Joe Miedusiewski 1987-1988 39, Democratic
Wendell H. Phillips 1986-1987 41, Democratic
Dennis C. McCoy 1979-1986 44, Democratic
Paul Weisengoff 1974-1979 47, Democratic
Murray Abramson 1962-1970 5, Democratic
Marvin Mandel 1954-1962 5, Democratic

Current Members of the Baltimore City Delegation[edit]

District Place of Birth Delegate Party Took Office Committee
40 Baltimore City Frank M. Conaway, Jr. (2007).jpg Frank Conaway Democratic 2006 Judiciary
40 Alexandria City, Alabama Barbara A. Robinson (2007).JPG Barbara Robinson Democratic 2006 Appropriations
40 Baltimore City Antonio Hayes Democratic 2014 Health and Government Operations
41 Baltimore City Jill P. Carter (2007).jpg Jill P. Carter Democratic 2002 Judiciary
41 Baltimore City Nathaniel T. Oaks (Maryland Delgate).jpg Nathaniel T. Oaks Democratic 1982 Health and Government Operations
41 Baltimore City Samuel I. Rosenberg (2007).jpg Sandy Rosenberg Democratic 1982 Judiciary
43 Chicago, Illinois Curt Anderson.jpg Curt Anderson, chair Democratic 1982 Judiciary
43 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1mary washington.jpg Mary L. Washington Democratic 2011 Ways and Means
43 Quinter, Kansas Maggie McIntosh (2008).jpg Maggie McIntosh Democratic 1992[5] Appropriations (Chair)
44A Shelby, North Carolina Keith E. Haynes (2007).jpg Keith E. Haynes Democratic 2002 Appropriations
45 Northampton Co., North Carolina Talmadge Branch (2007).jpg Talmadge Branch Democratic 1994 Economic Matters
45 Baltimore City Cheryl Glenn (2007).jpg Cheryl Glenn Democratic 2006 Economic Matters
45 Baltimore City Cory V. McCray Democratic 2014 Environment and Transportation
46 Baltimore City Peter A. Hammen (2007).jpg Peter A. Hammen Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations (Chair)
46 Baltimore City 1luke clippinger.jpg Luke Clippinger Democratic 2011 Economic Matters
46 Baltimore City Brooke Lierman Democratic 2014 Appropriations

Delegation subcommittees[edit]

During the first Baltimore City Delegation meeting of the 2007 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session, the Delegation was divided into 3 Sub-Committees, to provide closer insight on issues which would directly or indirectly affect Baltimore City:


  • Del. Keith E. Haynes - Chairman
  • Del. Curt Anderson
  • Del. Brooke Leirman
  • Del. Maggie McIntosh
  • Del. Barbara Robinson
  • Del. Mary Washington

Criminal Law & Justice[edit]

  • Del. Jill P. Carter - Chairman
  • Del. Curt Anderson
  • Del. Luke Clippenger
  • Del. Frank Conaway, Jr.
  • Del. Sandy Rosenberg
  • Del. Nathaniel T. Oaks


  • Del. Cheryl Glenn - Chairman
  • Del. Peter Hammen
  • Del. Brooke Leirman
  • Del. Barbara Robinson
  • Del. Mary Washington
  • Del. Keith Haynes


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