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Coordinates: 39°16′28″N 76°42′24″W / 39.274424°N 76.706586°W / 39.274424; -76.706586 Baltimore National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located along Maryland Route 144 on both sides of the boundary between the neighborhoods of Beechfield in Baltimore City and Catonsville in Baltimore County. It encompasses 72.2 acres (29.2 ha),[1] and as of the end of 2005, had 44,268[citation needed] interments. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

A kiosk located on the side of the cemetery's administration building lists the names of veterans and dependents buried in this and two other cemeteries: Annapolis National Cemetery and Loudon Park National Cemetery. The kiosk also provides map locations for each grave.[1]


The area of the Baltimore National Cemetery was once part of an elevated site in Baltimore, referred to as early as 1750 as the Cloud Capped estate. It was originally owned by the Baltimore Company and Charles Carroll of Carrollton. In 1890 it was acquired by Blanchard and Susan Randall. When the nearby Loudon Park National Cemetery was deemed full, the War Department surveyed the area for a new site. In 1936 the federal government took possession of the land for a cost of $95,000, and began converting the estate to "Little Arlington". The old mansion was demolished, fences were put up, roads were constructed, and landscaping was done as part of a Works Progress Administration to invest in infrastructure during the Great Depression.The first interment took place on December 18, 1936, but the cemetery was not formally dedicated until May 30, 1941.[1]

Notable monuments[edit]

The memorial area of the cemetery has monuments representing each of the six United States Marine Corps divisions from World War II.[1]

Notable interments[edit]

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