Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary

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Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary (Baltistan)
Protected Area
Country Pakistan
Autonomous region Gilgit–Baltistan
District Skardu
Elevation 2,400 m (7,874 ft)
Coordinates 35°36′08″N 75°07′59″E / 35.602087°N 75.133038°E / 35.602087; 75.133038Coordinates: 35°36′08″N 75°07′59″E / 35.602087°N 75.133038°E / 35.602087; 75.133038
Area 415 km2 (160 sq mi)
Biome Irano-Turanian mountains (AS06)
Animal Snow leopard, Brown bear, Lynx, Tibetan wolf, Tibetan sand fox, Markhor, Bharal, Siberian ibex
Declaration 1975
Management Wildlife and Parks Department, Gilgit–Baltistan
IUCN category IV - Habitat/Species government Area
Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in northern Pakistan

Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 415 square kilometres (102,549 acres; 41,500 ha) in the Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Contiguous with the Astore Wildlife Sanctuary to its south and east, the Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary lies south of the Indus River, between the villages of Rondu and Shengus, in the Skardu District. This protected area was established in 1975, for the purpose of conserving the threatened species that occupy the park, and among them there are snow leopard, brown bear, lynx, Tibetan wolf, Tibetan sand fox, markhor, bharal, and Siberian ibex.[2][3][4]


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