Baluch People's Liberation Front

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Baluch People's Liberation Front, also known as Baluch Awami Azadi Mahaiz or BPLF is a militant group formed by Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani, a prominent Baluchi leader in 1976 after developing irreconcilable differences with the dominant leadership of Baluch Students Organisation (BSO) led by Sher Mohammad Marri. The differences emerged on the question of strategies to be adopted.

The BPLF gained the support of the Baluch Students Organisation-Awami, a product of an earlier split within the Baluch Students Organisation. BPLF, a Marxist oriented outfit was provided logistic support by the then Afghanistan government. It relied heavily on the support it received from the Afghan authorities.

The BPLF did not possess any command structure and was a loosely based outfit. In the 1970s as the Pakistani security forces improved their counter terrorism measures, the BPLF was increasingly forced to fall back to the camps inside Afghanistan.[1]

The group is currently believed to be active . However, it hasn't carried out any attack against the Pakistani Army and Government since 2006.[2][3]

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