Baluchistan Agency

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Baluchistan Agency
Agency of British India (1877-1947)
Colony of the United Kingdom (1947)
Location of Baluchistan Agency
Map of the Balochistan Agency with the princely states' territories in yellow.[1]
 •  Signature of the Treaty of Mastung by the Khan of Kalat and the Baloch Sardars 1877
 •  Balochistan Made Separate British Colony (British Balochistan) 1947
 •  Independence of Pakistan 1947
"A collection of treaties, engagements, and sunnuds relating to India and neighbouring countries"

The Baluchistan Agency (or Balochistan or Baloochistan or British Balochistan) was one of the agencies of British India. It was located in the present-day territory of Baluchistan.[2]


The territories of the agency covered an area of 208,262 km2 (44,345 square miles) and included areas which had been acquired by lease or otherwise brought under direct British control, as well as the princely states.


This political agency was established in 1877 following the 1876 treaty signed in Mastung by Baloch leaders by means of which they accepted the mediation of the British authorities in their disputes.[3]

The Baluchistan Agency consisted of three princely states, Kalat, including its Makran, Jhalawan, Kacchi and Sarawan administrative divisions, as well as its two feudatory states of Las Bela and Kharan. The Government of India maintained its relations with the states through its political agent in Kalat. The first agent in Balochistan was Robert Groves Sandeman (1835-1892), Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India, who was appointed by Lord Lytton, the Viceroy of India.[3]

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