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King of Kish, King of Ur
King at war leading soldiers Standard of Ur.jpg
King at war leading soldiers, from the Standard of Ur.
Reignfl. circa 2600 BCE
Successor(Elamite invasion)
HouseFirst Dynasty of Ur
Location of Ur, in Western Asia, modern Iraq.

Balulu (Sumerian: 𒁀𒇻𒇻, ba-lu-lu)[1] was the final king of the First Dynasty of Ur, according to the Sumerian King List, which states he ruled for 36 years:[2]

"... Mesh-ki-ang-Nanna, son of Mesannepada, was king, 36 years he ruled; Elulu, 25 years he ruled; Balulu, 36 years he ruled; 4 kings, the years: 171(?) they ruled. Ur with weapons was struck down; the kingship to Awan was carried off.

— Sumerian King List, 137-147.[3]

Both his reign and the dynasty came to an end when he was defeated by a king of Awan.[4]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Elulu of Ur
King of Sumer
ca. 26th century BC
Succeeded by
a member of the
Awan dynasty
Preceded by
Ensí of Ur
ca. 26th century BC