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Balzers is a village and community located in southern Liechtenstein. As of the 2005 census, the community has a total population of 4,420.

The main part of the village is situated along the east bank of the Rhine.

History and Culture

Historically, the present-day form of the village consists of two different villages, the actual Balzers in the east and Mäls in the west. Not visible to the unaware, the division still persists in the local village culture, where it manifests in half-serious local competition. Some customs, such as the "Funken" a springtime ritual with pre-christian origins involving a huge bonfire, are still being practised by each separately. The two parts were first mentioned in 842 as Palazoles and Meilis.


There is no airport in Liechtenstein, but Balzers has a small heliport available for charter flights. [1] [2]

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-Oerlikon Balzers Coatingis the world's leading coating company for PVD coatings of tools and (automotive) components. The headquarter of this company is located in Balzers/Liechtenstein.

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