Bamaga Road

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Bamaga Road and Telegraph Road
Bamaga Road 0316.svg
Bamaga Road (blue and white)
General information
Type Road
Length 334 km (208 mi)
Major junctions
North end Bamaga, Queensland (Airport Road)
  Peninsula Developmental Road
South end Peninsula Developmental Road (Junction 117 km north of Coen)

The Bamaga and Telegraph Roads link the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR), at a junction 117 km north of Coen, with Airport Road in Bamaga, Queensland to the North. The southern part of the road, between PDR junction and Bramwell Junction (114 km), is named Telegraph Road. The northern part of the road between Bramwell Junction and Bamaga (217 km) is named Bamaga Road.[1] The Bamaga and Telegraph Roads are also referred to as the Northern Peninsula Road.[2]

List of towns, localities and points of interest along the highway[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

This road has no major intersections.


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