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Bambi is a 1942 Walt Disney film.

Bambi may refer to:

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Nickname, ring name or stage name[edit]

  • Lance Alworth (born 1940), American football player
  • Laurie Bembenek (1958–2010), American convicted murderer
  • Rachel Chalkowski (b. 1939), Israeli midwife
  • Bambi Linn (born Bambina Linnemeier in 1926), American dancer, choreographer and actress
  • Bambi, ring name of Selina Majors (born 1967), American professional wrestler
  • Bambi Hall, ring name of Samantha Hall (born 1992), Canadian professional wrestler
  • Bambi, stage name of Marie-Pierre Pruvot (born 1935), French transsexual entertainer and academic
  • Princess Bambi Monroe (born 1992), former stage name of Ashley Smith, American former singer-songwriter, actress and video blogger
  • Bambi Woods (1955-?), screen name of a former pornographic actress and exotic dancer best known as the title character in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas
  • Sheila Caffell, one of the alleged victims of Jeremy Bamber, in what became popularly known as the "Bambi" murder case


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