Bambi Graffiti

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Born Real name: unknown
Date of birth: circa 1982
Birthplace: London
Education City & Guilds of London Art School
MA at Central Saint Martins art school
Known for Graffiti
Guerilla art
Feminist art
Social commentary
Street art
Amy Winehouse by Bambi. Camden Road, London

Bambi Graffiti (circa 1982 -) is the tag name for a female English graffiti artist from London, UK. According to U.S. Time Magazine, “Bambi” is derived from the childhood family nickname “Bambino” and is a popular artist within the show business world.[1]  Known collectors of her work include Rihanna,[1] Brad Pitt,[2] Adele,[3] Robbie Williams, and Take That’s Mark Owen.[4]  Bambi’s stencilled work is frequently described as gritty and masculine in appearance whilst exploring themes of feminism, popular and street culture.[5]


In 2010, the vandalism of a popular Bambi stencil in Primrose Hill reignited the long running London debate over the preservation of street art and resulted in Islington Councillors proposing a community committee be established to rule on the future protection of street art.[6]  In early 2011, Bambi commemorated the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with the satirical slogan 'A Bit Like Marmite' across their chests.[7][8]


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