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R56 Road-001.JPG
The Bamboesberg from highway R56 between Steynsburg and Molteno
Highest point
Peak Aasvoëlberg
Elevation 2,208 m (7,244 ft)
Coordinates 31°36′24″S 26°07′12″E / 31.60667°S 26.12000°E / -31.60667; 26.12000Coordinates: 31°36′24″S 26°07′12″E / 31.60667°S 26.12000°E / -31.60667; 26.12000
Bamboesberg is located in South Africa
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
Parent range Stormberg Mountains
Orogeny Kaapvaal craton
Age of rock Neoarchean to early Paleoproterozoic
Type of rock Bushveld igneous complex, sandstone

The Bamboesberg is a mountain range in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. This range was named for the bamboo Thamnocalamus tessellatus growing in its ravines.[1]

The Bamboesberg is an outlier of the Stormberg Mountains and part of the range is seen parallel to and east of the road linking Hofmeyr and Tarkastad. Some of its peaks are over 6,000 feet (1,800 m) – Aasvoëlberg, 35 km west of Sterkstroom, rises to 7,245 feet (2,208 m). The Stormbergspruit is a tributary of the Orange River.

The rocks are composed of sediments of the Stormberg Series of the Karoo System.[2][3]

Positions at the Battle of Stormberg, 10 December 1899

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